Game Art

2d Game Artist and Graphic Designer

Mobile Games

A complete list of commercial mobile titles I have worked on

PC Games

Commercial PC titles I have worked on

Video Game Logo Design

I create custom logos suitable for games on any platform as well as for mobile apps. Every logo is tailored to suit the genre of the game.

Logos can be commissioned alone or as part of a branding/art package for your project.

2d Art for Games

2d Art includes services like concept art, characters and sprite sheets.

Art and Branding Packages for Game Projects

3d Voxel Art For Games

I can create custom voxel art for your game including environments, characters and props. 

voxel art graveyard
voxel art graveyard closeup
3d voxel art house model
Voxel Art Floating House Model
Voxel Art Floating Tower Model
Voxel Art Snow Tree Model