Custom Album Art

2d Game Artist and Graphic Designer

Custom Album Art

How It Works

Get fully custom and totally unique artwork for your album or single in just five days.

I will provide you will two designs to choose from for each cover that you order. This price is just for the front cover image, no back or spine included.

All covers are photo manipulation designs as shown in the example images below. All artwork is made using CC0 licensing images.

If you want to order an illustrated cover or a full cover with back, spine and booklet please contact me for pricing.


A single cover costs $75 but I offer pricing deals if you would like to order multiples at once. Please contact me to get a quote.

You must pay a deposit of 50% ($37.50) up front before I can start working on your cover. All payments are through paypal.

You will receive your cover five days after you submit your deposit. You must pay the final 50% payment before the full size cover is released to you.

What to include with your order.

When you are ordering please include:

  • Artist name and title of your single or album
  • The musical genre
  • A link to a sample of your music if possible
  • A list of at least three artists that you think your music is similar to
  • Any ideas for a theme or imagery (optional)

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