About Me

To be a great UI designer you need to love both gaming and creating designs that work. The same is true with designing for the music industry. You have to understand the experience inside and out. I truly feel that this is the case for me and my design practice.

After receiving a Visual Communications BA (Hons) in 2015, I worked in advertising during the day and moonlighted as a freelance UI designer in the games industry by night. At the same time I was doing design work for bands and venues in my hometown in Ireland. A move to the Mediterranean island of Malta in 2017 allowed me to pursue a full-time career in the game industry. Followed by becoming a full-time freelancer and UI/UX design consultant in 2019.

I have done UI design consulting and UI/UX work for games industry brands, including Games Workshop (Warhammer 40K), Anvil Studios (Holdfast Nations at War), Airconsole, and Gameclub. Naturally, I’d love to work with other brands, both well-known and newcomers alike.

What do I do with my free time? When not working on a client’s project you’ll find me entering game jams and releasing free UI packs for the indie gamedev community to use. Those projects can be seen here.

Still with me? You’ve probably come to the conclusion that I love working on games and music. It’s true, but I do take on other projects too. I enjoy a foray into broader horizons. It gives me the opportunity to hone and expand my creative skills in new and often exciting ways.

Interested in working with me? Ready to get a quote on your project? Please contact me here. I’m looking forward to learning what you’ve got in mind and how I can help you make great things happen.