UI Asset Pack For Battle Royale and FPS Games

UI Asset Pack for Battle Royale FPS Games

Free UI Asset Pack For Battle Royale or FPS Games

This is a UI asset pack that I designed and released for free to the indie game community through Itch.io.

Battle Royale Player Profile UI Design

For indie game devs who just want assets they can drop into their project as they are prototyping this pack also comes with pre exported assets. All screens and assets are designed to fit the standard 1920×1080.

I create these UI packs so that they are easy to use even if you are new to photoshop. All of the elements are created with shapes and very basic style effects such as drop shadows and gradients.

For new indie devs and photoshop users the PSDs that come with these packs can also be studied as a way to learn how to make a simple UI. I group and name all the assets in a logical way to show how everything fits together. The UX structure is basic and created around a lot of common structures for Battle Royale and FPS games.

I wanted this pack to be user friendly to the max since creating a polished looking UI is one of the first hurdles many newcomers to game development face. My aim was to show that it is possible to create, clean interesting UI from simple shapes and effects once you learn how.