Tic Tac Boom Pixel Art UI Design

TicTacBoom Multiplayer Logo

Tic Tac Boom UI Design

Tic Tac Boom is a multiplayer game available on the Airconsole platform. I redesigned the UI for the controller screens.

Here you can see all of the screen designs laid out together. The brief I was given for the concept was “8-bit pixel art style.” I created a pixel art background that could be broken down to one repeatable square to save  on memory. 

I chose an 8-bit pixel style font to match the character design. I went with a blue theme for the overall UI since I felt like it was the best option that would work with each character since they all have their own color value. Each character’s color value is used for outlines, backgrounds and buttons on the controller when the player has chosen to play with them. This means the controller screens look different based on which character you are playing with.